Friday, October 30, 2015

Joyal Beauty Vitamin C Eye Gel

I work late at night, sometimes even overnight.  With three kids and a husband I don't always get a lot of sleep, sleep that I NEED to receive!  Definitely not 8 hours.

I suffer from dark circles and puffiness around my eyes because of this and just everyday stress.  

I have found a wonder product for me!!  I received this complimentary to review and test for an honest opinion.  Some things I've received, have never worked out.  This on the other hand has been amazing and one I am HAPPY to review and post about!!

It's from Joyal Beauty and it's a Vitamin C Eye Gel.  

Friday, October 23, 2015

October's The 3b Box Review

I dropped a few beauty subscriptions I was in as they just kept getting worse and worse.  Like Ipsy.  I had been a member of Ipsy before they changed their name, WAY BACK when they were just MyGlam.  They started off awesome and slowly through the years, tapered off to crap.  I kept receiving crap and the same things over and over.  And changing your profile and redoing your reviews DOES NOT help on what you will receive in your bags.  Because I've done it, multiple times...and still the same things over and over.  Plus Ipsy's point system is crap.  The things you get is not that great.  I keep Birchbox because their point system is amazing and you can choose ANYTHING on their store site with your points!

Anyways I found The 3b Box which is all asian beauty products.  I LOVE korean and japanese beauty products!!  They are some of my top favorites ever!

You will start off on the waitlist most likely, just like I did.  When they send you that link to get off of it, I suggest you jump on that FAST!

You receive a pouch every month that contains 4-5 deluxe beauty samples (which sometimes, MOST times contains a full size item)!!

All for $12 a month.  Which I think that is awesome as you get to try beauty products from other countries, that can be hard to obtain in the US.

Apple & Eve Quenchers

My kids absolutely loved the flavors we got for this.  They were all gone within a couple of days.

For The Walls Instagram Swap

WOW!! We have reached 50 swappers quick!!!

I have been wanting to do this swap for a while.  With my life going upside down I kept having to put it off and hoping no one else would do my idea secretly lol.

Now that I get a bit of a break and I'm caught up with all my swaps I can finally announce this!!

I am SO excited!

The hashtag we will be using for the entire duration of this swap will be #forthewallsswap